Location and Place of Worship With Full Address


360 Windermere Ave. @ St. Olvave's Anglican Church

Welcome to the Sudanese Community Church of Toronto. Our Services start at 3:00PM - 6:00PM. There are variety of services, starting with worship and praises at 3:00PM to 3:40 PM. The main prayer service starts at 3:40 PM and ends with hymes or socialization at 5:40 PM. 5:45 PM - 6:00 PM Closing doors.

Conducted by Rev. Peter John & The Pastoral Team for SCCT

Rev. James Garland Blesses SCCT Sunday School Children.

Sub-Programs coordinated

                 Living in Unity- SCCT

Starting in July 2008, the SCCT started to focus on establishing a strong community based church. To socially and spiritually unite the community in Canada and its neighborhood to act as a model of God loving & God fearing society that exists in harmony with its diversified ethnics and denominational differences. The community focuses on unity through Christ. Backed by the scriptures, the SCCT targets the young ones as the future of health society; to educate them in ways that keep them away from street crimes, to make our new home, Toronto – Canada a better place to live in. We plan with the support of good wishers, to enhance and extend our services to the neighboring communities. Build partnership with social community services, households and families to facilitate execution of youth programs such as bibles studies, social networking, camping etc.

 Women Coordinator’s Program:

Educating women and children about social trends bring about a change for a health resourceful society that is able to face future challenges positively. The ultimate goal is to improve and enhance the quality of life and understanding of the various challenges facing women and children in our nucleus families as part of the large society. The cultural difference and transformation in a new culture leave a gap between the parents and children particularly amongst the new Canadians.  This is what needs to be addressed positively so as to promote human dignity, social justice and solidarity in the families in particular and the nation at large.

The women coordinator endeavors to bring the community women together to discuss on pertaining issues to give opportunity to every woman to participate fully in improving life of individuals and making decision for sound collective future, to build an inclusive sustainable community free of crimes.

Among other things to be carried out in the women trainings are:

  • Organizational skills and ability to set priorities
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently within established parameters.
  • Proven ability to manage confidential and sensitive matters, using discretion and judgment.
  • Interpersonal skills to deal tactfully with members of public and staff at all levels.


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